THE FACE SHOP Clean Face Oil Free BB Cream
[bought from ebay]
The Face Shop Oil Free BB Cream is a pore care BB cream that is specially designed for effective pore minimizing. Blended with natural botanical extracts, including liquorices, green tea, lemon, it mild yet refreshing, oil-free, helping your skin to have better control on sebum secretion while providing pore tightening effect to your skin. The BB cream is of ultra light texture, blend easily with your skin, giving you the flawless nude effect you desired. 
I am loving this bb cream. the consistency is not too thick or to thin it is perfect. The colour is on the grey side but it will subside after a few minutes of applying this bb cream. However the bottle is quite small, wish they did it in 50ml. The scent smells like aloe vera but not too strong which is good. I really recommend this product to people who have light-mild acne/ oily skin/combination skin. 
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  5. leeessang said: i tried it at the store, and it ain’t bad. especially for people with acne because this gives you an assurance that you won’t break out even more after the usage, as some bb cream tends to make one’s skin feels weird and creates break outs.
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